Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fondant Lady Gaga Cupcake toppers

They were so much fun to make, with all her different characters and faces, who would think these could be so cute, have fun and let me know what you think


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fondant Masquerade Masks

So what is new for this week,
 My all gorgeous Masquerade  Masks in Red and Gold.

Planning for this project started since early December when I was asked for this project to be done, it took a lot of planning and lots of preparations, just like when you are making this very special cake, at the end it all comes together very nicely.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A bow 2 monkeys and a penguin

So what does a bow 2 monkeys and a penguin have in common?

I still cannot figure it out, it is kind of fun though to see how they are all combined in this cake.
This was a custom order for the cake shown below, I loved those little monkeys. If you want a bow like this I recommend lots of time,  it needs to dry well, and it can be done in any color possible.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fondant Minnie Mouse 2D face

This is another custom creation that I had to whip up in just one day, it was not the regular moldedsculpted figurine, for this one there had to be some high tech involved. I have to say, it payed off. Enjoy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fondant Carnival of Clowns

Sitting clown can be done in any colors

Fondant Partridge in a pear tree.

This was a very nice little partridge that I created for this cake. Thanks for the pictures.

Edible Fondant Gymnast

This was my first ever custom order on Etsy, everything was through emails and so different from my days of personal eye contact and facial expression reading. But we pulled it through, Mom was so happy with the results and Birthday girl too, all I remember is that is ended happily in all the girls' tummy.

Edible Fondant Giraffe Dotty

Dotty is for sale on Etsy, I just love this little critter I had to put it here.

Fondant Bed "Bedtime Stories"

Makes me want to go sleep too. This was also a custom order based on the theme, "Bedtime Stories" since it would be to heavy to have a whole brick done of fondant, I seal a piece of styrofoam and them work from there, that way it remains edible and it is not too heavy, colors and gender can be changed. And of course book titles too.

Fondant Yellow Baby Dinosaur

I love this little guy, well it wasn't that little, it was about 5 inches long plus the tail curled in a bit so all in all it was about 7 inches and about 4.5 tall.  Mom requested dots for the rest of the cake, they would look great as cupcake toppers, can't wait to have some time to do those.

Larry in a clunker

I call this one Larry in a clunker, it was a custom order as well, and all they wanted was a car with an old guy showing the head and one arm, being the woman I am, I do not know very much about cars, so I just designed an old clunker and it looked really good, the car on top of the hill was a picture sent by my client, very  nice cake and my car looks just great.

The car was about 6 inches long so it was quit a big hill to support this big clunker

Edible Cupcake Toppers for Beauty Salon

Yes... they are made out of fondant, all of them, the comb is too black but it is there too, and a tiny hairdryer I should point out. This particular order was for a hairdresser Christmas Party, but it can be done for a bachelorette party, or a dress-up party for little girlie girls, or just about any girlie event. They were about 2 inches and will look very cute on cupcakes or as a group of items on a cake.

Harry Potter

These 3 little fellows are just my smile every morning, just there waiting to have pictures taken, I wonder if that is how real celebrities feel.

I am adding this picture after my first whole listing for Harry Potter figurines, picture was sent by customer, hope to get tons of pictures more to add them here.

Pregnant Momma

This little momma I really enjoyed doing, she is there just sitting with her big belly and all he shopping she has done all over the place, I had so much fun thinking of the way she felt when sitting for hours, waiting for me to finish her up and do her hair. This little lady has her legs crossed, which I know could be a challenge when pregnant but she managed and looks really ladylike. Love it


This was a custom request, lovely POCOYO, all 4 figurines where about 3.5 inches tall.

My new way to start a New Year

Hello to all that know me and for those who don't also a warm welcome to my blog.

Crafty Rosy is me, and is also my new little shop on Etsy that has opened my world to all the creative minds that want to include a fun, playful and different kind of elegance to their Party Cakes. I do not bake or decorate cakes although I do know how, I am more like a CAKE DECORATOR COUNSELOR, I can help with ideas, I can imagine things for your cake with you and I can make recommendations on the best colors, sizes, and themes according to your ideas.

Back when I was young and single (not to long ago) I used to work at my moms Bakery in Mexico, it was a small shop but a very nice one and a very popular one because of the type of elegant and distinct kind of cakes she used to create.

It was all about perfection and cleanliness, I have to say, it has been a very good school for me to learn about quality and perfection.
I went on for a while in the IT field pushing code and testing it for a while, but now that I am at home taking care of my three little monkeys, I am enjoying so much creating pieces for cakes and cupcakes through putting some life into fondant just to make someone's cake a little bit more special.

I am not very good at journaling, but I love taking pictures of my creations.
Most of the creations here might not be on my Etsy page for different reasons, some also may have been requests of customers that saw a specific item on someones else's page and I do not want to infringe into copyrights, I must say, ALL the pictures in this blog are from creations done by me even when the sample was seen elsewhere.
Please feel free to comment on them and ask any questions.
I will be happy to help you

Here we goooo.